Feature request: manual Fill Title

In Preferences, I have Auto fill title when pasting web addresses turned on. Because of the work I do, the filled title is what I want only about 25% of the time. But I leave it turned on, because it’s super convenient when it’s right. When it’s wrong, I clear it by hitting ⌘K Backspace Enter immediately after pasting the link. (I do this so often that I have ⌘V ⌘K Backspace Enter defined as a keyboard macro.)

What would be even more convenient would be a “Fill title” option in the Edit Link dialog to go along with Show Preview. Or maybe even a “Refill Link Title” in the Format menu. If we had that, I could turn off Auto fill title so that my workflow would be doing the thing when I wanted it, instead of undoing the thing when I don’t.

Another reason that manual Fill Title would be useful: I know that people on this forum (or maybe it was Reddit) have complained about the privacy implications of Auto Fill Title making those web requests behind the scenes. If we had manual Fill Title, then this useful feature would still be available when the security-conscious user deems it safe.


We gave “fill title” button a round of thought when we designed the link panel and it’s possible we’ll change our mind at some point regarding a button there or an alternative way of making the Autofill title work. In short, the button felt unnecessary and not a real alternative to how Autofill works now.

The button requires a specific user action on a non-common functionality and some may actually never see the link panel in B1. It also requires a lot of user interaction compared to just pasting (when it works). IMHO the button does a good job when the Autofill is turned off but you still want to take advantage of the title fetching for some links. I wonder if this can work on URL input without a button.