Feature Request: PDF markup/annotation

First, Bear is awesome. Thank you for making it.

Second, I would love PDF annotation and highlighting to be baked into Bear/Panda editor..

(I understand that this is possible on iOS by tapping the markup pencil icon. But that icon doesn’t show up on macOS in Quick Look. I don’t know why. It works for me in other apps.)


I don’t believe there is any frame work for this on macOS for Bear to use. I’ve never seen this in any other app on macOS, unless they’ve whole system around it, outside macOS. And example would be Evernote.

Craft does it using macOS and iOS built in conventions.

We checked this Craft functionality and indeed they have editing within Outlook. Sadly this functionality is limited (???) to Catalyst apps :frowning_face:

As soon as possible I’ll send a feedback request to Apple about this.

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