Feature Suggestion: Locking Changes

Hello all. I’m posting this here after realizing I should have done so first/instead of posting a thread in the Subreddit about it yesterday…

As I said, there, it would appear that Bear’s development history has been sprinkled with folks asking for some functionality (in my case, a single toggle switch would do the trick) allowing one to “lock” content from unwanted/accidental changes. I didn’t see such a request on this forum, yet, so here it is, formally! (Apologies if I missed.)

Thanks for Bearing with me… ha…ha.


I second this! I never would’ve thought about suggesting a feature for locking content. Typically I would use such a feature for digital design. This would be a great addition to the Bear app.


This feature would be perfect. Generally, I needn’t to encrypt, just lock to prevent accidentally changes.

Thanks for the suggestion @Blue, and to @cvx and @gutoz for your comments on this post.

It is a feature request that comes up now and then and is interesting. It’s not top priority, but i’ll pass it onto the development team to Bear in mind :wink: and discuss further.

I think one implementation option can be making a view mode, and the other implementation option be making archived notes visible under tag tree, have a section for archived notes on the second panel. Something like that.