First impressions of Bear 2 Beta

I’m very happy with Bear 2. So many small and big features.

  • Pin of topics is a feature I didn’t know I wanted
  • The new editor is awesome and works smoothly.
  • Edit tag icons search for something I have wanted for a long time.
  • Suprinsgly, the Stats bar is useful.
  • The Styles bar is not bugging me as much as I expected.

Here are a couple of ideas for improvements:

  • In a code block, it will be useful to have code auto-ident. When you have an indent and enter a new line, keep the indentation to the next line.
  • Currently, I have a tag resources/templates. I would love to have this built-in to start a note from the template.
  • A lot of new apps have “/” commands to insert stuff. This will be particularly useful to have “/table” or “/image.”
  • Some improvements to the header of the note. When scrolling, the header covers the content with whitespace. Seems like wasted space. Combined with the opening search bar, it adds a second line instead of taking this whitespace.

Overall, Great work :raised_hands:

Have you tried Bear’s X-Callback-URL API Actions Builder to /Create (i.e., start) your notes from a template?

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@brian Haven’t thought about that. Will check if I can do something around it. thanks :slight_smile:

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