Header missfunction, frozenhscreen

Testing version: 2.0 (10641)

What were you doing: Menu problems

What feature did you use: Header, Export

What happened: no function, frozen screen

What did you expect to happen: the function that should be given

Something very odd is happening here. Regarding Bug 1, Bear froze before or after you choose one export option?

Bug 2, I don’t understand how you managed to hope menu in the second screenshot without having an header button on screen. Do you mind sharing which iOS release and iPhone model you are using?

Hi Danilo,

sorry for the late answer.

  1. The screen froze after I open the menu
  2. The issue here was a text with the H1 header taken from another Bear text which was formated as H1, but in my particular case it waslnot working. When this happen, I had Bear Beta 2.0 10641 and iPhone 14 Pro 16.3.1. After the new Beta 10670 both issues were eleminated. Since now, even with Beta 10699 all errors are never happen again.

I am very satisfied with the new version! Awesome job!

Thanks for your help!

Best Regards

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