I stumbled upon a bug while using code blocks feature

Testing version: 1.0

What were you doing: trying to paste some code into snippets

What feature did you use: code blocks

What happened: I tried to paste a significant amount of code to the note using code blocks . I noticed that usually code blocks work good if they contains somewhere between 30-35 lines of code otherwise it lags and make feature almost unusable

What did you expect to happen: It would be really great if you could fix that bug.

Hello! I’ve just tried with a block of 300 lines of code and the performances seems to be good, could you share the piece of code that’s making the editor go slow for you?

We’re always open to improve speed where possible, but please keep in mind that Bear is not a code editor and editing huge amount of code is not it’s purpose :slight_smile:

So first video is a video that shows the bug that I have reported :


Here is a link to a second video that shows how editor behaves while editing some other code but much shorter :


It doesn’t really matter if it’s swift, python or anything else.