I'm not sure what this is but perhaps it needs a tooltip

I’m not sure what this return icon is for, not even sure if it’s intentional or not, perhaps there’s
functionality I’m not aware of? I noticed it only shows if you typing above a line of text but not if there’s an empty line below.

If intentional and it’s supposed to do or mean something, from a dummy user perspective perhaps when you hover over it for some time a small help tooltip should pop up to say what it does and what the user should do e.g. display a keyboard shortcut?

Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 01.33.58


I remember to have seen that sign in panda after reordering some paragraphs by drag and drop

@trix180 I have seen this too. Could you tell us what this means?

yes, this is something quite obscure of the cmark syntax. If you want to separate paragraphs in markdown you need a blank line inbetween them OR you can add 2 spaces after the top line last character. The symbol is there to show there’s separation between the paragraphs. A tooltip might be an idea. I guess the hard part is coming with a meaningful and short sentence.


I thought adding two spaces before a line break put in a <br> not a new paragraph. But in the Bear editor, leaving out the two spaces also keeps the line break, so it seems that it’s not necessary.