Implement Scrolling,Fullscreen & Zooming in sketch canvas

I may be mistaken but I don’t believe we can sketch in fullscreen like in Bear 1. I need to frequently sketch in my notes and the current implementation of the sketches being restricted to an in-note canvas is very limiting! I would love for the fullscreen sketch ability of Bear 1 to come back.

Another feature that I believe would be very useful, is being able to scroll up/down the canvas because for lengthy sketches/pencil-notes, currently the canvas would have to be an absurdly long length making the note cluttered.

I have also seen previous requests to implement zooming in the canvas, so just putting a note here for developers.

One thing I really appreciate is the ability to edit sketch at any time in the future.

Feature request:

  • Ability to sketch in full screen
  • Ability to scroll through canvas like pages instead of having to make the canvas the same height as lengthy sketches.
  • Ability to zoom into canvas