iOS vs MacOS header collapsing conflict

Testing version: 1949

What were you doing: taking notes

What feature did you use: collapsing header from Mac then move onto iPad

What happened: an empty space has been created between headers, and macOS version follow suit

What did you expect to happen: nothing

This is the original

This is what happened when I opened in iPad

This is when I opened the file again on macOS. I have not changed anything apart from reopening the document.

Also, when I remove the empty space, everything starts to get messed up and experience the behaviour of this.

After coming back to edit the document, I have realised all the images I have uploaded into the document has disappeared. It only left this behind.
![](assets/81EB31AD-A9E1-44EF-8C90-E7C3CFEC81F3.png)<!-- {"width":347} -->

Hi Eleanor,

Thanks for the post, i’ll pass it onto the development team to have a look into.