Jump to bottom or top don’t scroll!

Testing version: 0.1(2510) on iPadOS 15.1 iPadPro 11

What were you doing: tapping goto bottom or top button on extended keypad

What feature did you use: goto bottom or goto top button

What happened: cursor jumped to right position, but screen didn’t scroll

What did you expect to happen: Also scroll to bottom or top


Hi there,

May I ask, was this a once-off occurrence, or has it happened more than once?

Is this still occurring for you?

If so, we’ll investigate further. cc - @matteo

Hi @matteo,

This is an always happening occurrence on Testing version : 0.1(2510) on iPadOS 15.1 iPadPro 11.

Try with the “Welcome.panda” note: cursor does jump to beginning or end of note, but no scrolling happens.

Did a clean install of Panda with iPad reboot, but still same buggy behavior.

  1. If note is kind of short, only when jump to end, the scroll works,
  2. but if note is a few screens long (like “Welcome.panda”) – then no scrolling using those two buttons.

Keep up the good work,
All the best,
Roar :lion:

Same problem both for iPad and iPhone when using Apple BT keyboard with
shortcuts: ⌘down_arrow / ⌘up_arrow:
Cursor moves to end/top of note, but does NOT scroll!

In Panda on MacOS, these two shortcuts works as intended (with scrolling)