Line height inconsistency after header

Testing version:
2.0 (10688) macOS

What were you doing:
Adding a header and list to a note that was migrated from Bear 1. The note already had a headered list.

What feature did you use:
Headers, unordered lists, paragraphs

What happened:
The space between the header and the immediately following line changes depending on how the line is created. I expected it to be consistently spaced.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a new note
  2. Enter some text for a title and make a couple new lines
  3. Enter an h2 with “Title”, hit enter
  4. Type out “text”, hit enter
  5. Take note of the space between “Title” and “text”
  6. Return cursor to beginning of “text”
  7. Hit delete key to bring text to header
  8. Hit enter
  9. Observe that the spacing is now increased (to what it feels like it should be)

Note that another way to reproduce this is to simply edit the h2 text at all. Doing so will push the line below it down a couple pixels

Example Pic:
Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 12.59.54 PM

Example Video:

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Thanks for reporting this issue. We are investigating possible issues with the markdown rendering.

Hello there,

thank you for the feedback! We’ve fixed the bug in the internal version and the issue should be solved in the next version update :slight_smile: