Line separators are nearly invisible

I’m kind of shocked that I don’t see any other complaints about this - but the line separator is nearly invisible. I’m talking about the horizontal line created by markdown — (triple dash).

It’s obvious that you care about the appearance, and making the separator very thin was clearly a design choice. But it’s VERY thin. I urge you to consider that not everyone’s eyes are as sharp as yours. It’d be really great if the line thickness was customizable.

More to the point, though, in dark themes the separators are nearly invisible due to the low contrast. Try solarized dark. Not great in Gotham or Nord either. Hmm, maybe this is a matter of not truly following the solarized color scheme for the lines?

Actually I like that the line is thin. The devs can make it a little thicker for all I care, as long as they don’t overdo it

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Hello, Are you using your Mac monitor or an external monitor?
Generally speaking, the separator is supposed to be low contrast compared to regular text by design but I don’t expect to be perceived as invisible. I do know the perception changes with how some monitors render the colors, but we can’t handle these situations.

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I’m using external monitors at home and at work. Problem is worst on external at work, then macbook pro display, then the home monitor, which is the one i was using when i first posted here.

Take a look for yourself, screenshot: