Links in tables not working Version 1.0 (532)

Testing version:
Version 1.0 (532)

What were you doing:
Trying to follow the link to the Feedback Forum

What feature did you use:
Moused over the [feedback forum] link, it was not hot
Tried to click on [feedback forum] under Important Links

What happened:

What did you expect to happen:

  • Cursor to turn into a clicky-hand
  • For the link to be hot and take me to the feedback forum in my browser

NOTE: It might not be the fact that the link is in a table, but rather the format of the link. The “feedback” and “bug reports” links in the first ¶ work just fine. But the links in the table at the end do not.


thank you for the report, the links are broken inside tables in this version, we’ve already fixed that and they should work again in the next release.