Opening note from Spotlight search creates a new note if there's "unfinished" in-app search query

Testing version:
2.0 (10817)

What were you doing:
I started the search in the app, with the query (“Aaaaaaa”) that didn’t return any matches (no notes found). Then - without closing the search menu or deleting the query - I got back to the home screen and started a Spotlight search, this time looking for an existing note. Then I clicked on the found note…

What feature did you use:
Search in app & Spotlight search

What happened:
When I clicked on the note found by the Spotlight search, Bear didn’t open this note but created a new note with the first in-app search query as the note title (“Aaaaaaa”).

What did you expect to happen:
Bear should open the note found in Spotlight search and should not create a new note.

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Thanks for reporting this issue. A fix will be available with the next update.

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