Our first update for iOS 17

Good news, everyone! We have our first update ready for iOS 17 (out today) which includes improvements and fixes to make sure you can keep on writing with Apple’s new hotness.

To set expectations, we don’t have any major new iOS features today; we’re still tinkering with those. However, this update includes a couple changes that a lot of users have requested since 2.0 launched.

Most notably, we’ve removed the requirements of a blank line below lists.

Automatic renumbering footnote has been improved, now adding new footnote in any place won’t break the existing numbered footnote links.


To brush up on all changes in Bear 2.0.11 for iOS, check out the list below.

Bear 2.0.11 release notes


  • Updated the app for iOS 17
  • Apple Watch app update for watchOS 9
  • Solving a glitch of the current row when entering in edit inside a note with links and images
  • Removing date animation in the Notes List cells when canceling the search
  • Fixed issue with tagcon changing and sync
  • Changed how the info panel works when it comes to restoring positions
  • Improved search restoration on app switch


  • Removed the mandatory empty paragraph to close lists
  • Fixed bug concerning the link button when the caret is next to another link with a preview
  • Improved the quote rendering in various contexts
  • Fixed issue with multiple list elements toggling
  • Improved sorting autocompletion for tags and wiki-links
  • Fixed issue with the autocomplete preference not being respected inside the editor
  • Fixed XCallbackURLs-related crashes when null bytes are used as parameters
  • Fixed issue causing tagcons to not show in the sidebar
  • Various localisations fixes
  • A couple of theme color changes


Preface - I searched the thread to find a better place for this question, but came up short. Apologies in advance if this is too “OT”.

Is it still the recommendation to backup notes before installing latest dev builds? Or is it stable enough to keep my notes safe?
Should I plan to install dev updates across all MacOS/iOS builds at the same time, or is it ok to stagger them?

I ask because I have been using the production builds since the first full release of Bear2. I used it for both work and personal so I needed the stability of production to ensure my work notes remained intact. Now my company is cracking down on knowledge/docs to use their provided solutions. Unfortunately, this means I’ll be using MS Loop for work PKM… It is what it is. On the bright side, it forces a partition between my personal notes and work notes, which is probably better in the long run.

With that shift of using Bear for everything to just personal, I’d like to get back into using the dev builds to test these new features.

Yes, we still suggest to backup your notes while using the beta because, even if it’s currently stable, it’s the instrument we use for testing new features an those are usually the primary source of new bugs.

This depends on the specific update but regarding 2.1 you can have beta on one device and app store version on another.

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