Overall reading experience seems degraded on iPad and iOS

I recently installed Bear 2 on my iPad and first thing I noticed was the noticeably different presentation of my notes.

The text lines are too wide for comfortable reading. Unlike Bear 1 where texts were centered to favor a vertical reading flow that’s scientifically proven to be best for reading.

Bear 2 comes off as attempting to cram too much text into every available space with little thoughts for legibility and breathing room.

Reading should be a pleasurable experience, not a chore. For the love of God, please fix the margins!

The option to reduce line width also does not work on iPad.

I attached a screenshot of Bear 1 reading experience vs Bear 2. Maybe judge for yourselves if I’m crazy.

I hope every once in a while, the devs go back to Bear 1 and make honest comparisons with Bear 2 and decide if they’re improving what needs to be improved, or degrading what needs to be left alone.

Bear 1:

Bear 2:


Absolutely agree with this!

I think Bear 2 is a much better reading experience even based on the two samples you have given: cleaner text without markdown, better line heights and spacing. The only issue is that the new editor preferences do not yet give quite enough of a range to adjust line width (length) on larger iPads used with no sidebars. I hope that will come, as it already has on Mac.


this is basically a re-run of a thread just some days earlier. just sayin’. at least if this is boiled down to line width on iOS – which I think is the central issue (and where things go off).

also: no team reaction on this issue, even after direct questions. so, I wouldn’t expect any here as well. just sayin’.
(would still be nice to be surprised, of course…)

The only thing that disturbs readability in the screenshot for bear 2 is that the line width is to high. I do not have an iPad. Can‘t you decrease the line width in the editor settings?

Apart from that I like the new changes and don‘t see how readability is worse.

In regard to macOS the only improvement that would helps me is always visible header markups. For me they act like anchorpoints of my text. But that is probably a very extravagant desire

As I see the line width cannot be decreased in a sufficient way by the preferences on the IPad. So for me the margins are too narrow if you increase the font size.

The last update for iPad (11163) should allow you to reduce the line width to 32em. Does this improve readability for you?

I am very thankful for that. I sometimes use it when I have to focus on difficult text. So I am really satisfied about that and hope that more users will agree.
Many thanks