Should the search bar autocorrect?

Testing version: Version 2.1.8 (12574) (Mac)

What were you doing: I typed “abs” into search

What feature did you use: search

What happened:
“abs” autocorrected to “and”

What did you expect to happen: I expected the input to remain “abs”. Often when searching for a note I only type the first few characters and that’s usually sufficient to find what I need. Or I’ll type the first few characters of two or more of the more prominent words in the title. I then hit down arrow to get to the first entry in the list which is often the best result. But when the search bar autocorrects, down arrow is captured by the autocorrect bubble.
I realize that this is a bit of a borderline issue as I can see the value of autocorrect especially on mobile, but on desktop I think the point can be made that search should not autocorrect.