Simple Kanban board option

I love using Bear because it’s a prettier version of the native notes app that also includes syntax highlighting. Trello (and anything Atlassian related) gives me a stomach ache, so it’d be nice if I could do the same thing in this app using the style of a Kanban board. It’d be easy enough to implement it as just another option in the small formatting bar that appears at the bottom of notes. Maybe right next to the “To Do List” option?

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When Obsidian came up with Kanban, at first, I thought that I will use it daily. Than I realized that for the note-taking app, I don’t have reason to use Kanban and that I already use it in Notion for project management.

Is there any note-taking related use for Kanban? Maybe I was heading somewhere thinking I will use it as well, but never actually figure it out.

If there is no note-taking related use for Kanban, I am thinking that Bear team would not have it in their plan in the near future - but this is just my opinion.

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I think it would be useful for freelance developers and designers- people who like the layout of Kanban boards but don’t want to have to deal with the bloat of notion/jira/trello. But I guess I’m not sure exactly what the demographics of Bear’s userbase looks like

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Your comment triggered a thought for me - users who write a lot, sometimes use Kanban to keep track of their book chapters process or stages in writing a blog (from “idea” to “publish”). They also do not want to deal with the bloat of other apps, just like freelance developers and designers.

Now, I second that simple Kanban option that you suggested, but still, I think this goes into a realm of project management and that is probably not something where Bear is headed for now.