Table habit tracker

Someone else mentioned using to do list boxes on tables. I like this and would like to add a bit.

Having habit trackers with numbers on tables i.e.

You can have a header that is the top box and have it be the days you exercised or did something and underneath the moment you add a ticked box it goes 0/1 in the header and the more you add the more it adds. once you finish it goes 1/1 or 1/3 etc… same for the other first line of boxes.

Also on a future note you can have non tabled lists with a header that has the number of accomplishments… a la 3/4 boxes ticked…similar to the progress bar in the notes list.but specificed for each list you want to make inside a note.

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simple math operations inside tables would be great.
you even set a small budget table inside notes. This is available in other apps such as Craft

The big problem with checkboxes inside the tables is the markdown syntax recognize - [ ] as a checkbox only if it’s at the beginning of the line (spaces and tabs excluded).

So far we have not considered adding advanced table functionalities and I don’t think we will in the short period.