[UI] Title wrapping when it contains search term

Testing version:
2.0 (10784)
What were you doing:
I searched for a term that was contained in the title
What feature did you use:
I was using search
What happened:
The title wraps in a strange way. It wraps to the next line unless you tap into the title and then tap away. Then the title unwraps and will fit on one line.
What did you expect to happen:
I don’t expect the line to wrap unless it’s necessary

Yeah if the title matches the search term like in your screenshot, it acts like if you put the text cursor in the heading, and it shows the heading marker ☰. This can lead into the heading wrapping into 2 lines.

I’m sure this is a bug, and could have something to do with this bug I posted.

This is the intended behavior: the active search result will show the markdown, in this case the header’s marker is revealed moving the title to the right making it wrap.