What priority for Bear?

Hello, I am sure this is room for improvement for your current application. Many new features etc… But I am not sure those you have selected to work on are the most important for the success of you company.
From my perspective, and from a lot of people I’ve read comments, the priority if you really want to increase your customer base, is to reach out people who need multiplatform. And as long as you play in Apple only world, people having to use a windows pc or android device will not consider your service, as long as you neglect their need.
So, let me suggest to switch priorities to browser/web app .
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Hi Troussel, I am not a member of the Bear team, however

Bear is a subscription based app, so while growing the user base is good, maintaining the user base is likely also a high priority for the team!

Regarding web / cross platform support, the Jan Newsletter talks about a possible web editor, as does their FAQ

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Hi Miji,
You bring a really good point. It is very important to take care or your curstomer. I am on those who felt was not looked after well enough. I need multiplatfom, like many others. I used to have an active pro subscription. I kept it for a while, in order to support the bear team. I was then tired of waiting and cancelled it.
I thans you for the links. But all refer to dated information.
Last point. The yearly plan is 15€. You need quite lot of those to run a business. Growing the user base of bear seems a priority to me.

If cross-platform support is a deal-breaker, there are quite a lot of good solutions out there, many of which also support Markdown!

If cost is also a deal breaker, might I suggest https://stackedit.io/, which is markdown, web supported, and free! Bear’s level of polish does come at a price, though.

Yes you’re right. There are quite a lot of good solutions out there. That is why there is no point on dewelling a solution that does not fit your needs.