Why M for highlighting? H makes more sense

The new custom keyboard looks great, but I was very confused when I saw ‘M’ on there. Once I tested it I realised it was the highlighter, but it seems strange to have M - what’s it for? Markdown?

Can I suggest either having H for highlighting instead, or using the highlighter pen icon from the existing editor? That’s obviously a very clear visual indicator and there surely isn’t any reason not to just keep it?

Hi there,

M is for “marker”, as H is already used for headers. We’re happy with that icon, but we can always change it if it feels confusing.

Thanks for your input!

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Honestly, the M confused me SO MUCH as I couldn’t work out what it stood for. I’d suggest going back to the highlighter pen which is much clearer.

Just to add: I wouldn’t actually use the word ‘marker’ to describe this at all. It’s a highlighter. A marker is something you use to fill a space with opaque colour - it isn’t something you use to highlight over the top of text.

I am British, if that’s at all relevant. Marker may mean something different elsewhere but in the U.K. this categorically isn’t a marker pen. That’s why I was so confused. :slightly_smiling_face:

The highlighter was the only icon that wasn’t immediately obvious to me. A picture of the triangular tip of a highlighter would be much clearer.


FWIW, this also confused me for a second. But then I thought M just stood for Markdown and was just showing it highlighted. I did not guess “marker”. I agree with either highlighter icon or just A for highlighted text.

I agree that the icon was not immediately obvious, however I can’t think of a better option if you wanted to represent the highlighter with a single letter. After I looked at the icon for a second longer (probably a literal second longer) I realized that the M was the highlighter.

If this makes any sense, after looking at the icon in Dark Mode and Light Mode, Dark Mode’s blue highlighter in the icon is just a little more faint and not as immediately obvious, compared to the red in Light Mode. However, I offer this as an observation, again with no immediate suggestion since the icon set for the keyboard is very visually pleasing and well organized with the differently shaded backgrounds.

Why not “Hi”? The icon would look roughly like /Hi/. Nice and friendly and also suggests highlighting.

I think it should just be a pen icon or an A.