Will Bear 2.0 allow editing in Raw Markdown?

Will Bear 2.0 Allow editing in Raw Markdown?

I just tried Panda and cannot seem to find a way to switch into raw markdown mode. I get that it is a preview of the editor, but I would assume that if the editor will allow editing in raw markdown that an editor preview might include that.

But as a software developer myself I know that is not necessarily the case.

#fwiw being able to edit in raw markdown when needed is critical (or at least the hybrid way Bear 1.x works) so I am hoping that the plan for Bear 2.0 does include access to editing raw markdown.


Bumping this request/question from April '22. I get that presenting Markdown in preview mode probably appeals to a wider audience. But is there a way to toggle back to “normal” Markdown display. I consider visible Markdown editing a key feature of Bear. Would love to see this as a root-level preference setting.

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As far as it was discussed it may happen that a toggle option will come to show some markdown syntax or not. But if you mean with raw markdown what you would see in a txt file (the hashtags for headings f.e.) I cannot imagine it will ever happen.

Having just installed the Bear 2.0 preview I came back here to clamour for a way to toggle the view to RAW markdown.

What’s my use-case that begs for this? Copy-and-paste. When if visual display mode it is hard to be able to copy exactly what you want to copy. In markdown mode, it is trivial.

So please consider giving us a toggle to RAW markdown mode to make it easier for us when we really need to be exacting with our copy-and-paste.

Surely displaying markdown as pure text should not be difficult for the Bear team, right?

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