Auto scroll iPhone experience is bad?

So there is a feature where bear scrolls the page in a way to make writing more pleasant.

On iPhone though, where I want to do things like double and triple tap in a word:

  1. the screen often scrolls in between the first and second (/third) tap making me unable to easily double/triple tap. It just felt bad/weird (much worse than the same action in say safari)

  2. when I try to hold between words to insert the cursor there, the screen automatically scrolls to the bottom.

  3. When you highlight a word and try to drag one of the two pins to change the selection, this works but not as nicely as in safari or other apps. It seems jumpy/too fast

Some notes:

  • 2 might be a bug
  • I have had some screen issues, so it might be my screen that’s the problem
    • but I don’t have these issues in safari or other apps