Auto-updating wikilinks when root changes

Hey folks — loving the latest Bear 2 beta.

Had a question tied to something I’m running into: Right now, if I have a wiki link and create a doc from it, when you change the name of the root doc itself, any wiki link tied to it doesn’t auto-update.

Would it be possible to have this as a feature? This is something other tools like Obsidian do very well. Also makes using wiki links more future-proof. Not being able to do this means that, unlike tags, I have to be VERY mindful when creating links, which isn’t ideal.


This is super important for me so I quickly checked. But I wasn’t able to reproduce this behavior on my MacBook (build 10936) or iPhone (build 10939).

Here’s what I’ve tested:

  1. Create a note titled Test Note 1
  2. Inside Test Note 1, I create a wikilink [[Test Note 2]] where Test Note 2 doesn’t exist in my library.
  3. I clicked on [[Test Note 2]] from within Test Note 1, and a new empty note titled Test Note 2 gets created automatically.
  4. I changed the title of Test Note 1 to Test Note 1 New.
  5. I changed the title of Test Note 2 to Test Note 2 New.

Everything behaves as expected: Inside Test Note 1 New, the wikilink to the other note has been updated to [[Test Note 2 New]].

So I’m curious what exactly you mean by the root doc? Maybe what I tested isn’t the issue you described?

(Edited to comment on Obsidian)
Obsidian only does it well if you don’t set the file linking option to relative path. Your data actually will be corrupted if you use relative mode in Obsidian, and you cannot easily notice it from within Obsidian itself unless you already are aware of this bug (or they like to call it the lack of feature). Just a headsup in case people are using Obsidian with the relative path mode.

I caught what I missed (and I’m a knucklehead for it):

Change the page name, it changes the links. But you can’t change the link to change the page name.

All is bueno — just got mixed up a bit. :slight_smile: