Feature request: a better auto-complete for links

I’ve noticed that I need to type the exact words in the beginning of a note title to find the note when using auto-complete in a link. In Obsidian, I can type any word from the note title and it’s able to find the note. I know that it is awful to compare Bear to Obsidian all the time. I’m sorry for that. But, in this case, both the apps have the same feature while the feature works way better in Obsidian. So could you please improve it so that it works as in Obsidian? The way the feature works in Bear is not so useful. Thank you!


Hi there,

When linking in Bear, all you need to start the process is to type [[ then the first letter/few letters and Bear will provide suggestions for what it thinks you’d like to link.

You can navigate through these suggestions until you find the one you were looking for!

I’m sorry for not explaining it very well. I’ll give you an example. I have a note entitled “Williams 2003 - Relativism, History, and the Existence of Values”. Let’s say I type [[Williams Relativism, Bear can’t find anything while Obsidian finds the correct note. I know it seems like a minor detail, but when you have a complex system of notes, this sort of thing matters a lot. Thank you so much for answering me :slight_smile: