Feature Request: Trigger a Full text search via [[ shortcut


When you want to link a note to another via the [[ shortcut, it shows a list of note titles that you can filter out.

It would be great imho if that logic could be extended to perform a full text search instead of limiting the suggestion to note titles.


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No thanks! Doesn’t work all that well in craft, bear’s implementation is good enough for me



I understand how this might be useful but I don’t think the wiki link autocomplete panel is the right tool.
We can take this into consideration when the we’ll approach the in-app spotlight feature.

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Yep, I should have stated the problem differently instead of describing a solution.

Indeed, what I care about is having a way to do a full text search and insert a link to one of the results in the current note that I am editing.

[[ or a command palette, I don’t really mind.

This is extremely useful when you work in multiple fields and you have notes that share the same title.



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I’m kind of new to Wiki links, but don’t think you can safely link to different notes with same title in Bear.

Looks like Bear links to one note only, even though you see multiple notes with identical titles in the autocomplete list, and chose different ones (based on position)

And if you rename note-B to the same title as note-A that is already linked to from other notes, it will hijack the links that were linked to note-A and now they will link to note-B instead …

For this to work on notes with same title, one may have to use
[Title](bear2://x-callback-url/open-note?id=F1001768-C442-45B9-BC68-7BED4C9DAD56-9168-0000090A31CBC740) links instead.

But now (recent beta updates) that’s not easy to insert anymore, since pasting those into a Bear note converts them to Wiki Links, and you are back to a random/unreliable reference.

– the old Bear1 way of pasting reference links is gone. You can paste as Text and get the raw link, but not the Markdown link we used to have in Bear1, but I think it would be nice to get that paste option back again, maybe as a new Paste As Markdown menu/shortcut item.

So looks like WikiLinks is based on only linking to literal unique note titles.

Please let me know if I’m wrong. @trix180 @matteo

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yes, but the old way of linking notes is not exactly gone: You can copy the note link (Note list, … menu in the editor), and use the link panel (⌘K) to insert the MD link. The URL will first be pre-filled, but you must insert a note title.

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I agree. This could be a powerful feature. But if this happens everytime then it may clutter the suggested notes list and make it difficult to find the one I need.
A workaround could be to suggest note-titles first, and if no note found then to look for the word in the text.