Duplicate Note References (TypeAhead)

Testing version: iOS 2.1 (12324)

What were you doing: typing an inline note reference

What feature did you use: typing “[[xxx…” to enter an existing note reference.

What happened: My typeahead/search prompt is returning duplicate note references for the same note.

What did you expect to happen: That my search would return a note only one time.

Confirmed that the note is not duplicated in my library. Regardless of which note reference I select, it links to the correct note.

Bear’s autocomplete panel also lists unlinked wiki links since 2.0 to facilitate link insertion. Some people who reported your issues had miswritten wiki link for the target note. In some cases, the difference was very subtle, like a space or a non-breaking character.

If you search for "[[xxx" (the first 3 letters should be enough) in the note list you’ll get all the notes linking the target note. If you don’t have a lot of those, please try to delete all of those links and re-insert them after making sure notes are saved.

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i have this same problem, there are a few notes where this occurs and the items are both identical. If i put both wiki links into a note and click on each they both goto the same place. If i update the title of the destination the links both update with the new title.

Unfortunately, I’ve confirmed that all are linked, not unlinked references. Manually reviewing and rectifying is not really feasible because I’m talking about person name references, which could be in the 10s-100s based on my use case.

I’m not even sure how I would attack this even if it was feasible. Seems like I could pull everything in text editor and replace my entire note DB, but then I eliminate my temporal metadata.

I’ll poke around some more, but this is definitely a new issue. Though not sure if it stems from a release, or the major note housekeeping I performed a few weeks ago