Autocomplete list contains duplicates

Testing version:
Version 2.0.5 (11799)
What were you doing:
Create Link to bear note
What feature did you use:
internal links
What happened:
the autocomplete list contains duplicates (shows the same note twice); it doesn’t seem to matter which of the duplicated notes i choose, the link works anyway
What did you expect to happen:
an autocomplete list of notes without duplicates

Hi Ricky,

sorry for not getting back earlier. Any chance you have identified the conditions to replicate this issue?
We have a few reports of duplicates after beta but we have not yet understood what’s causing this glitch.

Thanks and regards.

Hi trix180, sorry for the late answer, the duplicates in the autocomplete list still exist. Actually, there are no conditions for me to identify - the duplicates are just there.
However, meanwhile I got one more hint.
I renamed a note. Now in the autocomplete list I have an entry with the new name, and underneath an entry with the old name. Using the hint with the old name creates a link that will create a new note, when I click on it.
Not changing the name means: I have two entries and it doesn’t matter which of the entries I use, the created link always works and leads to the correct note.

Regards, Ricky