Wikilink autocomplete problems

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (11504)
What were you doing:
Inserting a link to another note using [[.
What feature did you use:
Wikilink autocomplete.
What happened:
A number of links to old notes appeared. I know that Bear now includes links to notes that are not yet created, but in my case it is remembering notes that I have long since deleted.

What did you expect to happen:
I expected the autocomplete panel to include either a) extant notes or b) links from within those extant notes. However, it seems that any note I’ve ever created in Bear (going back quite some years and long since deleted) is being remembered somehow by the autocomplete panel. For the record: my Bear trash and archive are empty, so it isn’t reading from those locations.

Deleting a note doesn’t remove all those links that points to the note. So the behaviour is consequent and logical.

Or do you mean you also have removed those links and bear still shows the old nites name in autocompletion panel?

The notes and the links are gone — long gone. A lot of them have been deleted for years!

To make sure - you’ve also deleted every single note that contains links to those notes deleted? For example, I understand you don’t have a note named “December 10th, 2020”, but you also don’t have any note containing a link to “December 10th, 2020” in Bear?

Try searching for the ‘supposedly deleted’ note name, or create the note and use backlink to see if there is any connection to that note. That way it will be easier for the devs to see what the problem is.

I’ve already done this.

Correct. I know how it’s supposed to work.

Oh - yeah, then that is indeed weird. I hope they can figure out what might be going on.

I tested this on my macOS but cannot replicate it. The caveat is that I was using all new notes, so maybe not exactly supposed to replicate your scenario.