New note link on same line as existing link deletes existing link

Bug: Cannot enter a note link in a sentence that already has one (if the new note link is placed before the existing link).

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a note-to-note link on a line of text. E.g. Sentence with a note link to a [[Bear feedback note]].
  • Now, on that same line of text, try inserting another note link before the existing link. E.g. Sentence with one note link to a [[Hello world note]] and a note link to a [[Bear feedback note]].
  • Once you try entering that new note link before the existing one, the rest of the line is deleted.

If you try placing the new note link after the existing link, all is well. The bug is only in attempting to add links before existing ones.

I could replicate this. Indeed, quite a severe bug.

Thank you for reporting this, it’s already fixed in the internal version! We’ll post an update asap.

Pretty sure this same bug exists in Bear 1.0. So if you could let us know when it’s fixed, that would be great. Thank you.

Indeed, I’ve gotten very used to working around this issue in Bear 1. When I want to insert a wiki-link in a paragraph with another wiki-link, I use this workaround: type [[]], then arrow left twice, then type the page name. The deletion issue only occurs when the closing braces for the new link have not yet been inserted.

Correct, it was an issue with the wiki-link parser marking both links as the same one, the auto-complete was then replacing everything as it was marked a one :slight_smile: