Adding a link to a Note

Adding a link to a Note:

  1. Menu | Notes | Copy link to note
  2. ⌘K [Link Name] (URL)
  3. Creates a link without a name (First H1 notes)?
  4. Bear send to the end of the note, not to the insertion point?

Hi there,

I have just tested this in Bear and it works, adding the link at the insertion point. Is this issue still occurring for you?

What system version are you using on your Mac?

Does this only occur with a specific note? or does this occur every time you try to create and add a link?

Has a restart of Bear/reboot of your device helped?

If the issue is still occurring, could you provide an example screen recording of this for investigation?

Hi TedwardBear,

when i use Command-K a popup appears where i can enter the name. But if i use “paste” from context menu i get a link with “-” as name, means: no pup-up. Not exactly the same what op described but i would expect in latter case that also the popup appears.

bear: latest version
mac: macOS 11.6

Thanks for your reply. I rebooted everything: Mac and Bear. The only change is that after inserting a link, the cursor does not go to the end of the note.
The main problem has not gone away.

macOS High Sierra (10.13.6)
Bear 1.8.5

When I do “Paste” I get:

macOS High Sierra (10.13.6)
Bear 1.8.5

BR, iWpress

Hi there,

As the cursor not going to the end of the note issue has been solved, is the main issue that the link doesn’t have an automatic title? or is it something else?

If it is regarding the title, after you copy a link to a note, if you paste it should automatically title the note.

If you are using Command + K instead it will have a blank space in the title bar so you are able to name it yourself. This is expected behaviour.

Please let me know if you’ve any further questions as i’d be happy to help!

Hi TedwardBear!
Thanks for the answer!
If Command+K then the insert has the form:
[-empty-] (icon) - (see video)

If Command+V then:
[[Notes title (H1)]] - (see image)

The different appearance of the inserts is a little surprising.

Thank you for the additional information and feedback. I’ll pass it onto the team!

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Thank you. Bear will be even better.

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