Wikilinks not recognised if note doesn't exist first

Testing version: Version 2.0.1 (11708)

What were you doing: I was note X writing wikilink e.g. [[Bear notes]]. Then I went to note Y and started wikilink to do the same [[Be…

What feature did you use: wikilinks

What happened: I don’t get a suggestion for the wikilink “Bear notes” (because the note doesn’t exist).

What did you expect to happen: That if I’ve created a wikilink that it’s recognised system-wide, so I can write it in other notes too and interlink my notes this way.
However, this doesn’t happen as the actual note needs to exist first. Potentially creating a lot of empty notes.

The suggestions only include notes that exist, so that’s expected behaviour I would say. If you click on your first wiki link it creates the note though and then your other suggestions would work

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On macOS version 2.05 (your version is old) non existing notes are listed in the autocomplete panel as long as a link to this note exist

How are you on that version?
This is what my TestFlight shows,
Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 18.39.04

Via AppStore and not TestFlight, for the official non-beta Bear :bear:

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Thanks, I’ve apparently totally missed that Bear was officially out of beta and in App Store.