Wikilink doesn't work if title is not on 1st line

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9695)

What were you doing: Created a wikilink to a note with a title (Header 1) not on the first line.

What feature did you use: wikilink auto-complete

What happened: No notes show up if the title isn’t on the 1st line.

What did you expect to happen: Bear grabbing the first Header 1 it “sees” and using that as the title of a potential wikilink note.

see discussion here!

It is not a bug. In bear title or name of the note is defined by the content of the first line. The dev said that this is not going to be changed, alone because it would change the titles of many users and for several other reasons. But maybe a new search expression for untitled notes will be introduced


See what you mean. The first line of my test note started with a divider line; when I enter the divider line, I get a list of notes starting with that, so it’s not a bug then.