Imported notes duplicating H1 syntax in the title?

I imported .md notes with the option to “use first line as title” enabled:

Bear 2

Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 10.29.30

This is breaking all wikilinks.

In Bear 1 the result is different:

setting the first line as the title means making # note title as the title making it # # note title. You have to turn that feature off.

Nevertheless I would expect that bears firstly check if the first already is title in sense of being a header nr 1 before it decides if it adds a markdown header mark up. So the user has to separate its files in two packages before importing what is a hard work depending how much notes you have. Furthermore: actually title means in bear context being the first line of a note and not necessarily header 1. More clarity would help here


I agree. We’ll check if the imported file already has an h1 title in the first line before forcing another header.

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