Real titles to notes in the editor

What i don’t like about the editor in bear is that you cannot add a real title to the note. At the beginning of my experiences with bear i thought that the first heading written in H1 ist taken as title. But then i remarked that bear always takes as title the paragraph that begins in the first line.

I would encourage the devs to implement a real title which place is the very first line of a new note. To show that there is the place for the editable title a new note could contain as title the name “Untitled” in grey out letters.

Yes for sure, the first heading is not that bad as title but it is not logical to take a heading that actually represents the content of a note to name a note. Above all sorting by name doesn’t lead to good results when sorting by the first line of the text inside a note. To give an simple example: Let’s say i start a text about rock’n roll with the heading “the history of rock’n roll” - nevertheless i would like the note to appear with the name “rock’n roll”. Or another example: i produce a note that doesn’t contain headings at all - either i have to accept the first paragraph as title or i have to take care to let the first line free. In first case i have to live with a long paragraph as title and in latter case there is even not title.

I hope that the panda editor once build into bear app will offer that small but meaningful feature to give notes a real title.

Hi there,

I’m not sure if i’m understanding correctly, when creating a new note the first heading written in H1 is taken as the title of the note.

At the moment in Bear you can change the title type (which includes having no title) by going to Bear > Preferences > General > Create New Notes With > Select a preference.

Hi TedwarBear,

I expected that my post could not be understood. I will try to find other words without givung a reasoning for that feature:

I mean an exclusive line for the the title, obviously the very first line of the note. In that first line no headings or other stuff is written but just the title. And if no name is given to the name the name of the note will remain “Untitled”.

I tried to put a name as title in the first line and in the second or third line to continue with the headings. That worked but at the same time the title appeared in small font size (the usual size for text). A title should at least have the same size as Heading1 and in bold letters.

I would be totally satisfied if just is changed that the content of the first line is as bold and big as a heading 1.

Hopefully it is clearer now?

Hi @krssno

You could create a new note without a title (or delete the automatic H1 depending on your settings), then write whichever name you’d like to title the note. This “untitled” title will still appear in the Notes List.

Underneath this in the note/editor, you can then have all your headings (H1 - H6). The H1 heading option underneath would be larger than your “untitled” title, so instead you could maybe use H4 onwards to match if that makes sense? Included image below for reference. Is this what you mean?

Yes, that is what i mean. Maybe my first request from first post was too hard to force people to use my desired way. The userbase can be thankful for the flexibility of the app and i understand why some users want to use the heading as title.

What you have shown in the screenshot is the way i already do it: i have “empty” notes on creation enabled. I insert a word/name in the first line as title and in the lists of notes it appears nicely with bold fonts. My biggest and now only issue is that i would like that the title (means: the first line) in the note itself also appears in bigger fonts. Maybe that could be added as an further option in the preferences?

(I use many headings, generally never heading 6, sometimes 5 but often enough and frequently heading 4. So i have to start with heading 1.)

Ah, I see what you mean now. I’ll pass on the suggestion to the development and design team members to have a think about.

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