A real title for notes: pandoc metdata block

Already here i desired a real title for notes. In bear you can set in preferences if a new note starts with the current date or a heading 1 as title. I wish to set a real title independent of the first heading 1, means: a further option in the settings how a newly created note should start

I still insist that a heading as part of the text is not suitable as a title at least for me for several reasons.

I found in the documetation of pandocs markdown syntax the refrence for titles which seems to be a good way to implement that:
Pandoc User’s Guide - metadata blocks

To list the advantages of pandocs metadata block for titles:

  • it is easy to write, to read and to understand
  • it is markdownish
  • it gives opportunity to set authors name and date, no more but no less, it remains frugal
  • according to John MacFarlane himself announced it is probable that it will be implemented in commonmark at least as extension

bears/pandas editor could add a nice formatting to that in the editor, f.e. an own text color or a centered position rather than left-aligned to highlight its meaning as title of the note