Loving - start in normal text (don't default to header)

This is a very minor thing (not sure if it’s even intentional in the alpha) but important to the experience for me.

When I’m starting a note - it might be a random thought or a long-form piece - I usually want to just get to the writing and not have to give it a H1 Title. It feels silly and sometimes overly formal to have a note that consists of a sentence long title for instance. At the same time, I can add a header with one # press so it’s more flexible.

Anyway, I really love this and hope you keep it!


I kind of like the behavior too. Would love it as a preference when the new editor becomes a feature. When I’m importing a note to Bear through a URL scheme (usually from Drafts) I sometimes have a Header in the title already and then it winds up with a pound symbol in the titled itself (so it looks like:)

# Actual title of note