If there's an empty line between YAML frontmatter and the first title, it doesn't get picked up as the note title

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (9652)

What were you doing:
Creating a note containing YAML frontmatter.

What feature did you use:
Writing in plain text. I added YAML, left an empty line, and then added an H1 heading that was supposed to be the note title.

What happened:
The note was treated as an untitled note until I removed the empty line.

What did you expect to happen:
Since adding an empty line after frontmatter for aesthetic reasons is common, Bear should understand that, and ignore empty lines after frontmatter when looking for the note title.

I think we always considered only the first line (in this case, YAML excluded) for the note title. Maybe we can extend the search for the note title to the first non-empty line. I’ll discuss this with the team.

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I don‘t like to hijack that thread but the way bear handles titles in the editor is actually my biggest problem with bear and I fear the change you talked about can make any solution impossible.

My problem is: what is considered as a title in notes preview list is not displayed as title (means: bold big letters in editor). Here I wrote about that on Reddit

I disagree with your suggestion on Reddit. I like the fact I can visually distinguish more thought-out notes (with a heading) from fast snippets (no heading)

Actually i suggested an option for starting notes without title or heading. Furthermore even if you start a note for a small snippet inside the first line it is a matter of one click on “enter” to leave it. Currently you also have to do some interaction if you want to make a snippet or to start with a heading. I cannot see how you are affected in any way :wink:

But in the current implementation you have that big inconsistency that i show in the screenshots. i do not think that i am neurotic NOT to use a heading as a title because a title is not a heading. And that has many side effects. To tell just one: on export to pdf the title (if it is a heading) creates an outline which has one top node.

I feel uncomfortable to continue the discussion in this thread as it is about another topic. I posted here just because a possible implementation of titles was presented by trix180 which i consider even more strange than the current one