Adding YAML Front Matter Removes Wiki Links

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9803)

What were you doing: Adding YAML front matter to a wiki-linked note

What feature did you use: YAML front matter

What happened: wiki links were removed

What did you expect to happen: wiki links are not removed

To add YAML front matter to a note that has other notes linked to it, you must first add the YAML front matter below the title/first line of the note. Then, you must drag the title below the YAML. Otherwise, the links are removed.

I haven’t found a way to remove YAML front matter from a note that has other notes liked to it. The links are removed no matter if you drag the title back to the top, drag the YAML below the title, etc.

It’s very tricky to add/remove YAML front matter for wiki-linked notes. If you notice after accidentally removing one note’s links, you can just search for “[]” and repair the links. But, I can imagine someone migrating their notes to B2 and wanting to add YAML front matter to a bunch of linked reference notes. Then, only after adding YAML to a set of notes, finding out all the links were removed.

This issue is related, as moving the title away from directly below the YAML also removes all the wiki links.

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Hi Brian,

yes, this is not supposed to happen. A fix will be shipped along with a lot of wiki-related updates and bug fixes.

Thanks for your contribution.

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