Yaml front matter appears in the middle of the body (also strange random behaviour)

Testing version: 2208

What were you doing: inserting yaml frant-matter in the middle of the text

What feature did you use: yaml frant-matter

What happened: a block of text delimited by --- turned into a yaml block even tough it was in the middle of the note body. Also on every typed char the rendering changes (see attached video).

What did you expect to happen: front-matter only to be identified if it is the first object.

I had this same issue. That’s an odd formatting glitch.

And as a front matter user, I’d be fine if Bear doesn’t auto-format text to look like front matter unless it was at the top (front) of a ‘file’ (as apposed to code markdown ``` which can exist anywhere)

Now, how do we query it :slight_smile: ?

Thank you for reporting this, it appears to be a bug :beetle:

Thank you also to @dgdosen for the comment.

I’ll pass this onto the development team to have a look into.