Yaml block does not reappear after deleting single dash

Testing version: 2208

What were you doing: adding yaml frontmatter

What feature did you use: yaml frontmatter

What happened: manually adding yaml frontmatter. Deleting one of the bottom tripple dashes ---. After deleting one - the yaml block turned into a text block, as expected. Adding the deleted - back however does not restore the yaml block. See attachments. Tested on iOS.

What did you expect to happen:
The yaml block to come back.

Note that removing the first --- and adding again will restore the yaml block.

Great product :slight_smile: looking forward to use it as my daily editor in bear :bear:

Tested on macOS, works perfectly there, no issues with YAML blocks.

Hi there,

Right now using three dashes in a row — will create a separator in the editor, it is the expected behaviour.

Entering the same (three dashes in a row — ) into a code block within the editor shouldn’t produce a separator.

Thank you for your post, i’ll pass the finding onto the team.