Image content does display properly after an image is surrounded by code block

Testing version: Panda Writer (iOS) Version 0.1 (1571)

What were you doing: I added a code block to the middle of the Welcome Document.

What feature did you use: I used the code block feature.

What happened: After adding the code block, I deleted the second set of ``` from the code block. This then formatted the rest of the document as code. I continued to delete the first set of ``` from the code block and the images did not return but were left in their raw markdown format. For example, the Panda image became:

"![](assets/IMG_0295.jpg)<!-- {"width": 607}

What did you expect to happen: I expected the document to display the images instead of the raw markdown code.


this happens because we’re a bit aggressive in the removal of files from the textpack when they’re not needed anymore. When you put the image is inside a code block the file is deleted, and after removing the code block you just have the image text back.

I don’t have a great solution for this at the moment, I’ll discuss this with the team and see if we can came up with something.


That makes a lot of sense. I like apps that keep things clean in the background.

With my minimum knowledge of software, perhaps the “clean up” phase could trigger once the note looses focus? That is to say, when the user moves on to a different note.

Thanks for the communication!