Triple backticks deletes all images and embedded files below

Testing version: Version 1.0 (3096) on MacOS

What were you doing: Typed Triple backticks: ``` above existing text with images.

What feature did you use: Keyboard ` three times

What happened: Everything below became code block and when I added the closing ``` on next line to end code block (or deleted my initial ```), every image, or embedded file below was lost!

If I exit document without noticing (and undo), all these embedded media are lost for good!
With only useless placeholders left (these embedded media files actually gets deleted from the .panda or .textbundle file):

Even after ``` is removed this is what's left of images etc.:

![](assets/IMG_0295.jpeg)<!-- {"width":607} -->

What did you expect to happen: If I type ```, I would expect automatic closing ``` to be inserted two lines below and cursor placed in between for code typing or paste.

I think that typing initial ``` probably should work just like pressing ctrl+cmd+C

Or some alternative way of your choosing to protect images and media below from this accidental deletion!

What do you think?

At the moment it’s too easy accidentally and unnoticed deleting media when using keyboard to insert code block above existing text (with media.)

Apart from the deletion of images i consider it as highly confusing that the three codeblock ticks selects the whole text below it as content of the codeblock

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