Mac Test Images display error

Testing version: Version 1.0 (1648)

What were you doing: Just add some text suck edit code block, code, quote

What feature did you use: find out that the images are broken

What happened: please see the screenshot below, and

What did you expect to happen: Image should display normal

Hi and welcome,

I was able to simulate the issue and yes this is indeed an issue we should fix. The problem is connected to the elimination of text attachments inside the text bundle/panda file once their links get invalidated by the code block. I think we should defer the attachments elimination to when the document is closed.

Thanks for reporting this issue.

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Awesome!Hope this will be released soon.

Here I have another issue related the Table feature but can’t post on the report website with a detailed video, and it’s simple usage situation as described below:

With 50 columns x 100 rows,table cell operation such as edit, delete or paste from copy will cross a low response which is unacceptable, and I checked my machine monitor CPU load almost 150%, so I guess the table has a performance issue.

Danilo Bonardi via Bear Beta <>于2021年3月17日 周三19:26写道:

Thanks, the table problem is indeed something we have to look at. Reading your comment I can tell you are experiencing the lag on macOS, do you have similar problems on iOS as well?

I haven’t test on IOS, and I will test and report if finding something with table.

Danilo Bonardi via Bear Beta <>于2021年3月17日 周三21:30写道: