Copying a file next to an image can't open file

Testing Version: 1.0 (1648)
Mac OS: 11.2.3
If you drag and drop a file (in this case a pdf) into a note next to an image you cannot open the file.

If you insert the file under the image it works just fine.

Probably should either detect the file being dropped in and force a new line or support two columns.
I tried to upload a screen capture but it said the mp4 file was too large. Let me know if you have a specific way to share the screen capture video. Otherwise take a look at the screen shot to see what I mean.


you found a very nasty bug! Apparently, the attachment representation misaligns vertically when is next to an image. Here is supposed to be aligned with the base of the image and if you double click where it’s supposed to be the attachment opens correctly. We’ll fix this as soon as possible.

Thanks for reporting this bug.