YAML Front Matter - Tags & Backlinks

Version: Version 2.0 (10688)


I am successfully able to get YAML Front Matter working on MacOS as described in this post. I agree with the sentiment that it should work consistently on iOS too, but as of yet I have not had luck getting it to work on my iPhone.


YAML Front Matter seems like a great way to consistently add extra information to our notes. It’s especially useful in a number of note taking systems where tags and backlinks shine.

Searching for Bear Tags or Bear Backlinks* works in the YAML Front Matter space, however it does not actually create a tag or backlink or reference existing tags or backlinks. This seems to be not only counter intuitive, but in my opinion significantly cripples YAML Front Matter as a tool in Bear 2.

YAML Front Matter is used by a number of different tools outside of Bear. I know in particular some folks use it exhaustively in tools like Obsidian, etc. As such… It may be desirable to have ‘tags’ in YAML Front Matter that syntactically match a Bear Tag or Bear Backlink but are not represented or recognized by Bear 2. Unfortunately… the inverse is ALSO true.

Allow users to configure YAML Front Matters interpretation of Bear Tags and Bear Links. I’ve listed a few possible solutions below. I believe offering one or more of these solutions would be helpful.

  1. GLOBAL Config - Allow users to configure YAML Front Matter interpretation at the Application level.
  2. NOTE Config - Allow users to configure YAML Front Matter interpretation at the Note level.
  3. Additional Syntax - Allow users to use an additional syntax (perhaps an escape character of some kind) to OPT-IN or OPT-OUT of whatever interpretation or lack there of is being performed.

Hope this makes sense and is helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

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