Bear 2 - first line in notes replaced with bold in note list is confusing

in Bear 1 the bold was not apparent and did not confuse as much as bear 2. screenshot shows how bear 2 makes them look.

Would be great to not make it bold if it is not a header

Actually in Bear 1 they are also displayed bold. In the notes list the bold letters mean that you read the title of the note. If you want to set a wikilink to that note you need that title. In the editor, on the other hand, everything in the first line is defined as title. That can be a heading but also normal text.

The source of confusion is that generally a heading is choosen at beginning of a note so that heading and title can be regarded as the same. I feel your struggle as I wanted that every text in the first line appears bold, actually the opposite of your wish. But believe me, you can get used with that :wink:

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