Backlinks to multiple links in the same note do not respect order as they appeared on original page

Testing version: 2.0 (11586)

What were you doing:

When I create more of the same links (targeting the same note) on one note, backlinks to them do not respect the order, in which they appear on the page. E.g.

— Note One —
… A [[Note Two]]…
… B [[Note Two]]…
… C [[Note Two]]…

— Note Two / Backlinks pane looks like —
B [[Note Two]]
A [[Note Two]]
C [[Note Two]]

The order looks pseudo-random, not respecting original order on a note (Note One), not alphabetized etc.

What did you expect to happen:

Backlinks would be in the same order as on original note

Yes, backlinks should be shorted following the order they appear in the linking note. We’ll fix this with the next update.