Backlinks do not show links to note headings

Backlinks show only links to note, not links to its headings. Is it something you will add later? Without considering links to all headings, backlinks are not fully useful (or vice versa: links to headings in this case are not as useful as they might have been). Thanks.


Had no times to test the new build so far. But yesterday after a short insight it worked for me: a link to a header of a note was shown as backlink of that note. What do you mean exactly? That these kinds of backlinks are shown under the name of the note or are they not shown at all for you?

Strange, I have re-tested today and backlinks to headings appear correctly. I will test further and try to repeat the original bug/condition (if it exists). If yes, I will report back.

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I’m having the same issue. I have notes with multiple headings and if I link to a specific heading within a note it doesn’t show up as a backlink anywhere. It works if you link to a full note but not a section of a note.

I suspect this is caused by a bug in the backlinks panel not refreshing the view when the note is switched.